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Solve a multitude of puzzles, travel across Oraia's huge world!

Oraia Rift

COMPASSGAMES, is an independent game development studio founded by Shbli back in 2009, in Kuwait. Thanks to collaboration with many industry professionals I've became more experienced and confident in this fast growing industry.


In late 2011 I've started my journey of game development. I felt connection with this industry and decided to continue my work in the field. Two years later I've made a big decision. I was ready to start working full time on premium, iOS adventure games.


I also offer my development experience as a freelance contractor, please visit  LinkedIn for CV/Portofolio or find my contact at the bottom of this page.

The burden of saving countless innocent lives has been placed in your hands. Will you rise to the challenge? Can you betray an old woman's trust?


Oraia, a once peaceful land of farmers is being torn apart by Rift Dwellers, otherworldly warriors with a single purpose - to consume and destroy. You have the power to stop them and to save Oraia.


- Enjoy 10+ hours of story driven game-play

- Unleash devastating abilities in tactical, spell-based combat

- Travel across Oraia's huge world and explore 10 unique environments

- Solve a multitude of puzzles

- Upgrade your hero to become stronger than ever before

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